Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall College Days

Wow, so I am the worst blogger in the world I've decided, but oh well. here's a quick update since i last wrote! :)

-I have been starting on the University of Utah volleyball team and have played pretty well for my first year

--I love playing and love my teammates even more. They are all really nice and look after me! Being in the PAC-12 definitely threw me for a curve. I t is a lot harder than one would imagine. Out of the 12 teams, 5 are ranked in the top 20 and you can't look past those who aren't because they are good too (that includes us!). We have 3 games left that we should win and we can take 8th in our conference which is extremely good considering we are young and this is our first year in the PAC-12.

-School is a breeze and I am passing all of my classes easily.

--I am not taking hard classes because I am so heavy into volleyball but I enjoy my classes the same. I am doing extremely well and hope my grades will reflect that at the end of the semester. We only have 4 weeks until Christmas break and I am so ready to go home and relax for a while.

-Dates, Boys, And More!
--I have gone on a few dates since I have been here and each one has been a blast. There are a few guys who I am crushing on (as normal). They both play sports are freshman and super cute! One is a swimmer and the other is a quarterback. They both just got their mission calls and will leave in the spring semester. A bummer for me but really cool for them! I am writing my friend Steven who is on a mission and comes home in less than a year. It'll be nice to have him home.

-Dallon has left on his mission and I miss him more than ever.

--I am so not used to having my brother gone and every time I think about him I can't help but cry. Luckily one of the boys i dated this summer has connections with the district leaders in Peru so i can secretly know what's going on and how my big brother is doing. This Christmas is going to be super strange and foreign without him there.

Well that's the big news so far. Nothing exotic unfortunately, but i like to make believe my life is. I am so happy and love being at college. It has definitely proven to be as fun as everyone told me it would. I miss my friends from high school and club ball but couldn't be making better ones here. Life is GOOD!! :)