Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I learned in 5640

Describe types of electronic marketing tools and how to use them in the travel & hospitality industry.

My favorite thing that we learned in this class was Photoshop. I have already used it in my other classes and for my social media. I also learned about flash. I did not know how to make a simple movie before and now I feel as if I could easily make a presentation to entice customers.

Describe and apply website standards of usability, readability, search ability, and accessibility in the travel & hospitality industry.

Every time I look at a website I know I evaluate it unconsciously. If the website does not meet the standards we learned about in class I usually move on to another. It is important that websites are readable, searchable, usable and accessible in order for customers to be attracted to the company and want to use their services.

Describe social media applications and trends affecting the travel and hospitality industry.

Social media is a huge part of hospitality because it allows companies to be seen and noticed. Since social media is where most people get their news it is beneficial for companies to engage and share their information in order to advertise their services.

Describe and demonstrate how social media is used to develop customer relationships and cultivate word of mouth marketing.

Social media is attractive to those who use it, which so happens to be many. When one person likes or shares a hospitality company it is advertised to so many more people. As so on so on till the company has been shared with hundreds and thousands!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Photoshop Survey

Here is a quick survey about what you think about Photoshop. Let me know you answers in the comments.

1. Should Photoshop continue to manipulate bodies to look better and more fit?

2. Why or why not?

3. Do you use Photoshop in this way?

4. Do you think there is anything wrong in using Photoshop this way?

Photoshop Manipulation

As one walks down the road he or she can see the different styles of people. One girl may wear a pink dress while another has a blue. What causes us to choose different styles is all in our personality right? However we are also greatly influenced by the ads and pictures that surround us on the street. The girl in the pink dress may have seen a Nordstrom add where the model looked fabulous and therefore she just had to have that dress. However it is not the model that looks fabulous but the way she was displayed.

The manipulation of Photoshop has become unreal. It is crazy to see how much models are distorted and made to look skinnier than they really are. Most human beings are far from perfect. There are blemishes on their face, scars on their arms, hair in the wrong post, and so on. Why then do we continue to show that people are perfect in magazines and manipulate Photoshop?

Bonnie Meltzer discussions some of the ethic issues with Photoshop in her article “Digital Photography: A Question of Ethics” (http://www.fno.org/may97/digital.html). She recites an example of one especially questionable editing of a picture.

“I need a picture of Oprah, a new one now that she is thin but we don't have one and we go to press too soon to get one. What shall we do? Let's see, we have an old picture of her. Let's but her head on a thin body. We can do that now, right? Who will know? We just have to match the direction of the head and the body. We don't even have to worry about color. We can match any skin tone. We need to do this now.”

I think that it is important that we start sharing photos without manipulating people’s bodies in them. Who knows maybe the world would be a better place!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Diving Star Excels


She stepped onto the platform, all eyes on her…Kersten Merry is an experienced diver from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She grew up in a loving family that always encouraged her to peruse her dreams. This adoration lead her to the University of Utah where she pursued a minor in Parks Recreation and Tourism. For Kersten Merry Utah was the perfect fit. As an outdoors enthusiast she was able to experience the fun and exhilarating activities that surrounded her. One incident that motivated Kersten was a hike she took with some of her swimming teammates. The first week of swim practice is known as PEAK week…this also proves to be the most tiring and trying week of all season. As customary the team took a long hike straight up a mountain. Kersten said that “she had never experienced anything so difficult in her life!” When she reached the top however, her breath was taken away. The mountain was at the most ideal spot to overlook the Salt Lake valley. As she marveled at the scene she knew that her college experience at the University of Utah would be a spectacular one.
                And so it was. Kersten went on to receive many awards, including, NCAA championship qualifier, PAC-12 3-meter dive champion, participate on the Canadian dive team and become a leader in the NCAA PAC-12 division of student athlete advisory committee. Not only did Kersten have success with athletic related events, she excelled in class. “Network, Network, Network” is one concept that stuck in her mind. She will forever be grateful to her professors that pushed this concept, “it has lead me to many opportunities and experiences I thought I would never have, just because I knew people.” That is he one advice to all those her follow in her steps, make friends and acquaintances that will last.

                 Miss Merry has since graduated from the University of Utah and is pursuing her dreams in networking with business in Idaho. She loves having the opportunity to learn more about the country that surrounds her and make many friends. With an aspiring history Kersten in an inspiration to all. You can easily look at her diving accomplishments at http://www.utahutes.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/kersten_merry_778981.html or her success in her networking connections at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kersten-merry/6b/2b4/a32

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AIDA Website Evaluation PRT 5460

Chelsey Olsen, AIDA
Animals are a large part of my life. I love to learn more about them every day. This May I will graduate with my bachelor’s in Parks Recreation and Tourism with an emphasis in Commercial Recreation. I hope one day to become a Zoo keeper. There are many ways to learn about animals but my favorite place to search information is on the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website http://www.aspca.org/ .  For class I chose to use the ASPCA website to evaluate.

Attention: The website has a good contrast of colors, orange and black, that catches ones eye. It also has a picture slide show flashing at the top. The overall set up is organized and easy to follow. Labels and descriptions are large making it easy to read.

Interest: The many topics that the ASPCA cover are interesting and informational. The pictures with each article attract one to click on it.

Desire: There are many different articles that show how one can help all different kinds of animals. There are also topics that help owners treat and teach his or her own pet.

Action: There are many places on the website asking for donations and volunteers

Overall this website is very informative and easy to follow. I visit it about once a week in order to answer my questions and stay up to date on news. Due to the easy layout it is easy for me to follow and find whatever I am looking for.

If ever you are to have questions about animals I encourage you to use this website. It is great and informative on many animals that one sees day to day. Not only does the website have a lot of information on animals but the ASPCA is striving to inform the public about animal cruelty and by visiting this site you can understand why. Go to https://www.aspca.org/secure/join?ms=wb_hom_position2-economiccat-20140922&initialms=wb_hom_position2-economiccat-20140922&pcode=WEB2HOM&lpcode=WEB1HOM to donate to the cause.