Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Diving Star Excels


She stepped onto the platform, all eyes on her…Kersten Merry is an experienced diver from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She grew up in a loving family that always encouraged her to peruse her dreams. This adoration lead her to the University of Utah where she pursued a minor in Parks Recreation and Tourism. For Kersten Merry Utah was the perfect fit. As an outdoors enthusiast she was able to experience the fun and exhilarating activities that surrounded her. One incident that motivated Kersten was a hike she took with some of her swimming teammates. The first week of swim practice is known as PEAK week…this also proves to be the most tiring and trying week of all season. As customary the team took a long hike straight up a mountain. Kersten said that “she had never experienced anything so difficult in her life!” When she reached the top however, her breath was taken away. The mountain was at the most ideal spot to overlook the Salt Lake valley. As she marveled at the scene she knew that her college experience at the University of Utah would be a spectacular one.
                And so it was. Kersten went on to receive many awards, including, NCAA championship qualifier, PAC-12 3-meter dive champion, participate on the Canadian dive team and become a leader in the NCAA PAC-12 division of student athlete advisory committee. Not only did Kersten have success with athletic related events, she excelled in class. “Network, Network, Network” is one concept that stuck in her mind. She will forever be grateful to her professors that pushed this concept, “it has lead me to many opportunities and experiences I thought I would never have, just because I knew people.” That is he one advice to all those her follow in her steps, make friends and acquaintances that will last.

                 Miss Merry has since graduated from the University of Utah and is pursuing her dreams in networking with business in Idaho. She loves having the opportunity to learn more about the country that surrounds her and make many friends. With an aspiring history Kersten in an inspiration to all. You can easily look at her diving accomplishments at http://www.utahutes.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/kersten_merry_778981.html or her success in her networking connections at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kersten-merry/6b/2b4/a32