Friday, June 24, 2011

A Blast of a Time!

What a blast we had! My volleyball team headed over to Disneyworld for the day. We arrived around 10:30 and headed straight for space mountain. The thriller ride got us all excited for the next to come: The rockets, Splash mountain (we splashed each other and were completely soaked!!!)

Buzz lightyear ride where we shoot at targets, i got second! Daniel Jones got first :), next came the tea cups, i did not join in on this one but got good pictures.

We traveled through the park hitting the haunted mansion, thurder railroad, and splash mountain once again. The trip was lots of fun and defintily one we will all remember!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A First Arrival turns good!

Today we arrived in Orlando, Florida around 3:30. We very carefully crammed our suitcases in the 10 passenger van and drove off the the hotel. After literally dropping our things off to go out to eat, we made our way over to the Orlando. Florida temple to do baptisms for the dead. What a humbling and awesome experience all thrown in one simple hour. Our arrival and introduction was a little troubling as we realized no one had been assigned to do baptisms for the remainder of the night. Fortunately the workers were very kind and volunteered to stay a few extra hours after their shift the help the 7 of us. Nicole Koehler, Kaitlyn Vanhoff, Kimberly Dahl, Elle Brainard, Samantha Staker, Mckenna Tait, Daniel Jones and I made our way down to the font to be baptised. I couldn't hep but be so excited. It is amazing to me how strong the spirit is when one enters sacred ground and performs a work another could not do. My smile did not disappear from my face the whole time we were in the temple (I think one of the temple workers thought I was very strange, they kept asking if this was my first time in the temple :) ) The experience is one i will never forget.

After we walked and toured the temple grounds. Meanwhile Scott Lee, our coach, caught a corn snake and scared some of the girls with it. I on the other hand, I was brave enough to hold it, and what do you know, it stayed still for me and liked me, i believe!! Well...our adventure for today is coming to a close. Tomorrow we embark to Disneyworld!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


my awesome roommate!
The closet, maybe a little messy still...:)

My desk and bed are definitely not one of a kind but sturdy and hard!

Well, here I am in my new apartment. Yes everyone, I am officially a college student and so far going strong (granted I have only been here for 8 hours)! My wonderful parents helped me move in; 7 small boxes 3 suitcases and a few odds and ends, not too much but enough! My apartment is huge and actually handicap but that's ok, the more room for me! My wonderful roommate for this summer is Bailey Bateman. She is going to play middle on the team. Well not much has changed since I let home. It feels as if I am just having a sleepover and will be back in no time, but obviously that isn't true. I guess we'll see how everything pans out...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Three Little Fairies

M om and I had the wonderful opportunity of creating a magical fairy garden for the three little girls who just moved in next to us. Earlier that month my daddy cut down a tree that was on thier side of the yard but due to the way it was growing, the tree was oulling up the fence oin our side of the yard. Mom and I took the tree and made this beautiful arbor to go over the garden. We liked it so much we decided to make one for our yard also. So with the arbor done we headed for the huge task of cleaning up the side yard where the garden was to be located. It was my first time ever using the rotatiler and boy was it fun! The vibrations made my hands go numb and I was a little perplexed on how to start it but boy was making the graound soft exciting!! We spent most of the 4 hours cleaning all the garbage and weeds out. Finally we got to the fun part of putting in the flowers, arbor, stepping stones and making table and chairs from the trunk along with putting a canopy above the table. We had a great tim painting flowers on the fence and making the garden magical. It was a good mother daughter project before I leave for college! Oh! And the little girls loved it! (maybe not as much as I did) :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

One by One...

The rush in the morning as I realized the clock had just turned 7:30 and I had to be dressed and ready for graduation in less than 40 minutes. I jumped into the shower right after Grandpa Shaw had taken one step outside the door. After a frantic blow drying of the hair and cake of makeup I awkwardly got into the jeep and Dallon sped to the Marriott Center, meanwhile I am trying to paint my nails and doing horrible at it might I add. We got there and cord after cord dropped as I messily dress myself in the maroon robe and place the board on my head. Walking down a steep hill in heels which I rarely wear was not easy. As I entered the hall I searched each girls face looking for three things, how she did her make up/hair, how many cords they wore and if I knew them. As I spotted those who were most familiar to me I tip toed my way over. So many girls were embracing each other and saying their congratulations. The rush soon became unbearable as everyone made their way towards the front. Being Bruin Crew pres I was to be the first to walk out and take my place in the seat. The ever daunting music started and I took my first shaky step toward the never ending bleachers. I glanced outside and saw my brother. I held back tears as I realized this was one of the last major moments we would ever have together. We stood in front of the chairs and waited for the others to file in. The familiar yell of my mother was nehind me and I knew the rest of my family was close by cheering with her. I couldn't help wounder if she was crying yet; I know I was trying not to. We listened to the speakers for what seemed like forever. Dallon and I shared inside jokes and things only each other would know as we sat next to each other. Once again the music started and each one of us glanced at one another waiting for the other to stand up. Finally one person stood and so did the others. We made our way down stairs and teachers greeted us telling how much they would miss us. Unknown to me, my jewelry teacher really liked me and talked to me the whole way down. Once again Dallon and I shared comments and then I watched him walked through the curtains. I was next and made my way across the stage shaking unfamiliar hands and trying to briskly walk past those who were staring at me on the front row. I couldn't help the smile that grew with each step. Finally I sat down and everyone else walked. We listened to a few more speeches than watched a video. I was doing fine until the last picture popped up on the screen. It was one Dallon and I had taken for senior pictures my head was on his shoulder like it was a lot. Tears rushed but I was able to hold them back. After the video we were dismissed and of course we rushed outside for all the family pictures. So fun!...what a life! GRADUATION!