Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A First Arrival turns good!

Today we arrived in Orlando, Florida around 3:30. We very carefully crammed our suitcases in the 10 passenger van and drove off the the hotel. After literally dropping our things off to go out to eat, we made our way over to the Orlando. Florida temple to do baptisms for the dead. What a humbling and awesome experience all thrown in one simple hour. Our arrival and introduction was a little troubling as we realized no one had been assigned to do baptisms for the remainder of the night. Fortunately the workers were very kind and volunteered to stay a few extra hours after their shift the help the 7 of us. Nicole Koehler, Kaitlyn Vanhoff, Kimberly Dahl, Elle Brainard, Samantha Staker, Mckenna Tait, Daniel Jones and I made our way down to the font to be baptised. I couldn't hep but be so excited. It is amazing to me how strong the spirit is when one enters sacred ground and performs a work another could not do. My smile did not disappear from my face the whole time we were in the temple (I think one of the temple workers thought I was very strange, they kept asking if this was my first time in the temple :) ) The experience is one i will never forget.

After we walked and toured the temple grounds. Meanwhile Scott Lee, our coach, caught a corn snake and scared some of the girls with it. I on the other hand, I was brave enough to hold it, and what do you know, it stayed still for me and liked me, i believe!! Well...our adventure for today is coming to a close. Tomorrow we embark to Disneyworld!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

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