Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I learned in 5640

Describe types of electronic marketing tools and how to use them in the travel & hospitality industry.

My favorite thing that we learned in this class was Photoshop. I have already used it in my other classes and for my social media. I also learned about flash. I did not know how to make a simple movie before and now I feel as if I could easily make a presentation to entice customers.

Describe and apply website standards of usability, readability, search ability, and accessibility in the travel & hospitality industry.

Every time I look at a website I know I evaluate it unconsciously. If the website does not meet the standards we learned about in class I usually move on to another. It is important that websites are readable, searchable, usable and accessible in order for customers to be attracted to the company and want to use their services.

Describe social media applications and trends affecting the travel and hospitality industry.

Social media is a huge part of hospitality because it allows companies to be seen and noticed. Since social media is where most people get their news it is beneficial for companies to engage and share their information in order to advertise their services.

Describe and demonstrate how social media is used to develop customer relationships and cultivate word of mouth marketing.

Social media is attractive to those who use it, which so happens to be many. When one person likes or shares a hospitality company it is advertised to so many more people. As so on so on till the company has been shared with hundreds and thousands!!