Saturday, June 18, 2011


my awesome roommate!
The closet, maybe a little messy still...:)

My desk and bed are definitely not one of a kind but sturdy and hard!

Well, here I am in my new apartment. Yes everyone, I am officially a college student and so far going strong (granted I have only been here for 8 hours)! My wonderful parents helped me move in; 7 small boxes 3 suitcases and a few odds and ends, not too much but enough! My apartment is huge and actually handicap but that's ok, the more room for me! My wonderful roommate for this summer is Bailey Bateman. She is going to play middle on the team. Well not much has changed since I let home. It feels as if I am just having a sleepover and will be back in no time, but obviously that isn't true. I guess we'll see how everything pans out...

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