Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hello again!
So here we are in Venice. Oh my goodness it is so beautiful here! Yesterday we arrived around 2 and immediately went out in the city. After shopping and marveling at the buildings for a few hours we were supposed to meet at Sam Marcos. HA HA The girl I was with and I got really lost on our way but it was the best thing that could have happened. After we met at San Marcos we decided to go on a Gondola ride. We saw these two men on the side of the canal and asked them how much. They proceeded to tell us that it was 150 euros. Too much we said and started to bargain...well of course with my good looks and excellent bargaining skills, I got them to consider two boats, 4 people in each boat, for 100 euros. I rock! The ride was super amazing! (not to mention our Gondola guy was SUPER DUPER CUTE!) (don't worry pictures will come later). Well thats all that happened. Today we are doing the same things and tomorrow i get to come home! I am so excited! I miss you all very much! See you then!

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