Thursday, July 21, 2011

Volleyball Land of Romans

Sorry it has been a while since my last post; the hotel we are at right now does not have Internet unless you pay for it. So I splurged and now have 309 minutes to tell you all about what has happened since we have been in Croatia. Where to begin! First we arrived on Sunday and had opening ceremonies that night on the old roman streets. The buildings were amazing and so interesting to see. We watched some kids dace around in the traditional Croatian dance then they announced each of our teams.

The next day we played the Czech and Slovenia teams. with each team we went 2-1, unfortunately we were the 1 but oh well. The next day we played an Italian team (at least i think they were Italian) and the Romania team. We beat the Italian team 2-1 but lost to Romania 1-2. The next day we played an American team, my college coaches team and teammates. It was a very close and fun game but they pulled out the win 2-1. Today we played another US team and lost in a close battle 2-1.

We ended up taking 8th overall which actually isn't too bad. It was a lot of fun playing and i feel as if i have definitely improved.

On Monday we went to the beach and jumped off the rocks. I had a blast and never knew the water to be so salty!!

Other than that not much has happened. It has been fun getting to bond with the girls and I have enjoyed seeing and meeting new people and new sights. I don't know what we are exactly doing for the rest of the time but I will be sure to update in a few days!

Oh by the name is officially CHARLES now. Love ya!!

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  1. well...of COURSE the water is salty!! It's the sea silly girl!!!

    I'm glad you liked Croatia though. :D We never heard back from our friends, so sorry they didn't come and see you play.